Aerobic Choreographies

Aerobic Choreographies Aerobics classes utilize a specialized set and movements of choreography, with a specialized vocabulary. A number of choreography sequences are there in aerobics.

In professionally created fitness music the songs are designed to support and assist the instructor. Each fitness music has signals the songs are created with 8 beat or 32 count "phrases." If you were marching, every footfall is a beat.
Alternating feet as marching does, you would step 4 times on each foot in an eight count. The foot that steps first is called the lead foot. For a well balanced class you should alternate which foot is doing the leading on your moves.

The first beat (that the lead foot starts) on is known as the "downbeat." The second beat is an "up beat."

A little example of the upbeat choreography is a kick or knee lift. To kick with your right leg you first have to step onto your left leg. The physical action is step-KICK, whereas the march on the downbeat is STEP-step.

Pay attention to your music and observe if some songs fit better with different types of choreography. Observe if you can pick out the downbeat and up beat and see if that's why some moves fit and some don't.

Step Choreography

This is the principal factor of step aerobics training beside the music, breakdown, cueing and communication. The choreography surrounds all phases of step training from the warm up to cool down. Due to height difference the step choreography has always to be balanced (symmetrical). This is conforming to the predominant opinion absolutely necessary to prevent muscle disbalance. Today the balanced breakdown is required too. The left leg must be involved in the rising moves precisely the same times as the right does.

The world of the aerobic choreographies

World of the aerobic choreographies There are several diverse types of aerobics chorography accessible which each person can select according to their requisites. Each one of these aerobics choreography offers diverse sets of maneuvers. It's very complex for any one person to complete all aerobics choreography available because of the numerous maneuvers that should be remembered.

One should not try to memorize each move but rather get acquainted with the exercises. There are notations, floor maneuvers, step maneuvers as well as a combination of floor or step moves. One can look different aerobics choreography videos and DVDs that are sure to satisfy the aerobics enthusiast's various needs.

The aerobics choreography videos are also convenient for the more advance users. The principal focus of aerobics choreography is to offer intensive choreography besides motivating the user, so that they can be used quite easily at home without the need of attending an aerobic class to learn about it.

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