Aerobic exercise is good for each person. Aerobic fitness moves integrate rhythmic calisthenics or dance moves with stretching and strength training routines to provide a full-body exercise experience.

Here some moves you need to give your body a full aerobic workout:

Warm-Up Moves

Warm-Up Moves Aerobic moves that change the heart from a resting heart rate to a warm-up rate start slowly and build in energy and intensity. Walking or marching in place is the most regular warm-up aerobic move, with your steps deepening into lunges at the end of the warm-up to add intensity, energy and increase the circulation of blood to the muscles. Other first phase moves comprehend stepping from side to side and moving the arms at waist level or higher.

Aerobic moves over the warm-up phase should also comprehend a gentle stretch of each of the major muscle groups, including the lower back.

The warm-up phase of an aerobic workout should be from 5 to 10 minutes. The objective during the warm-up phase is to elevate the body's core temperature, warm up the muscles and joints, and get ready the body for the training portion of the workout.

Aerobic Moves In The Zone

Aerobic Moves In The Zone The next phase of your workout carries your body toward your target heart rate. The intensity of the movement grows and the pace of the movement grows. Some aerobic moves are universally recognized to augment intensity; for example, stopping the body's momentum and moving the body in the contrary direction is a high intensity move. For this reason, is why aerobic routines comprehend a lot of back and forth movements and up and back movements in the middle part of the workout.

Lifting the weight of body is another high intensity aerobic move. Leaping, hopping, and powering through a move are all high intensity actions. This part of the workout should be from 15 to 25 minutes, with intensity building at the beginning of the session, peaking mid-session, and subsiding toward the end of this phase of the aerobic workout.

Cool-Down Aerobic Moves

Cool-Down Aerobic Moves The last segment of an aerobic exercise workout is the cool-down and stretch period. The intense movements terminate, the pace of the workout decelerates, and the activity returns to the modest, gentler motions of the warm-up phase. You should not stop exercising abruptly without this cool-down phase. Maybe, you could sense dizziness and could collapse if you do. Instead, delay the pace of your exercise until your heart is beating fewer than 100 times per minute.

Terminate your aerobic moves workout by stretching all the muscles you exercised to help them return to their normal length, to increase your flexibility, and to keep your muscles flexible and toned.

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