Step aerobics exercise

Step The antique of step aerobics is almost 25 years and is yet one of the most accepted and effective ways of exercising: in a class or at home. All you require is a step and some upbeat music.

What Step Aerobics Can Do for You
When you do step aerobics you are principally exercising heart and lungs for increased cardiovascular fitness. You'll also provide your lower body muscles a good exercise: strengthening and toning your base, thigh and abdominal muscles.

Working Your Upper Body
An adequate aerobic step class instructor will have your arms moving at the similar time as your legs, intensifying the calories burned during your workout.

But if you want to tone your upper body muscles you require having some extra weight to those upper moves to obtain the toning effect your lower body gets by lifting your body weight. It very easy that you achieve this purpose, you should have a small bottle of water or little hand weights.

Intensifying Your Step Workout

Because stepping is a recurrent way of exercise, your muscles will promptly develop in reaction and you should find that, after a while, your step workout becomes easier.
This is the moment to intensify the intensity of your training and there are three simple forms to do this:
1.- Practice your step aerobics routine with faster music, this will animate your stepping pace and make heart and lungs work harder.
2.- Augment the height of the step, making your lower body muscles work harder.
3.- If your legs are solid you can add ankle weights to keep you working at high intensity.

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