Benefits of High Fiber Foods and Diets

If we all eat twice as much sugar as we should, we should also eat about half as much fiber as we need.
But why is fiber necessary? And how can we get more of it? Benefits of High Fiber Foods and Diets
1).- What is fiber? Fiber is an almost indigestible substance that is found particularly in the outer layers of plants. Fiber is a peculiar type of carbohydrate that crosses through the human digestive system practically unchanged, without being broken down into nutrients.

2).- What's it good for? Fiber conserves you regular, which is why it's the principal ingredient in natural laxatives. Fiber works regulating the bowels and has also demonstrated to lower cholesterol in the blood by binding with it in the digestive system and passing it out of the body as waste. Fiber has demonstrated to help prevent colon cancer, diseases of the intestinal tract and heart disease. Another interesting thing fiber avoids is hunger: eating foods rich in fiber makes you feel fuller, and prevents overeating.

3).- Can you take too much fiber? Yes certainly! But generally it's from overdoing the laxatives or eating too much high-fiber cereal. Consuming too much fiber can provoke bloating and give you diarrhea, but on the bright side, it's tough enough to get a lot of fiber that most people never get too much. Some eating disordered folks have ridden the fiber train in an effort to lose weight, which can interfere with your body absorbing minerals it needs to stay healthy. But most people don't get nearly the fiber they need to maximize their health.

4).- Does fiber break down if I cook my vegetables mushy? It doesn't. Fiber doesn't cook away like water does, so you can boil those carrots all day if you wish.

5).- What else should I do when I eat fiber? You should drink lots of water. Conserve that fiber progressing through your intestines by lubricating them with plenty of water, after; you will be comfortable with your needs.

6).- Is not fiber for old people? Those are the ones eating fiber rich cereals in the TV ads. Indeed everyone needs fiber, and with today's school lunches, it's going to be a challenge to make sure your kids get enough fiber in their other meals.

7).- Where can I obtain fiber? You can obtain fiber in all the things you presumably don't eat because they're "boring". Beans, peas and lentils are fabulously rich in fiber; brown rice, oats. barley and other whole grains have a lot of fiber, too.

8).- I want more fiber! What should I do? Eat canned beans, which are easy to heat and serve (and certainly delicious if you bake them with molasses, onions and bacon). Skip the ultra-sweet cereals and eat oatmeal, add bran cereal to your yogurt.

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