What is obesity?

Obesity People who are overweight by 30 % of the ideal body weight are known as obese. Being obese and being overweight are not a similar thing. An obese person possesses a large amount of extra body fat, not just a few extra pounds. People who are obese are very overweight and at risk for critical health troubles.

Obesity is one of the main causes of associated health problems. It can have repercussion in serious complications such as heart attacks, intestinal disease, respiratory diseases, strokes and renal failure. Dangerously obese people have risk of death.

The trouble of obesity can be resolved through a regiment of appropriate diet and regular exercise. People turn to surgery like gastric bypasses in order to quickly lose weight in life threatening cases of obesity.

How exercise can help to control obesity?

Exercise serves to reduce body fat by building or keeping muscle mass and increasing the body's ability to use calories. The association of the physical activity with correct nutrition can help control weight and avoid obesity, thus diminishing the risk factor for many other diseases as well.

What types of aerobic exercises should an obese person do and how often?

The beginning people should not commence to do very arduous exercises. Particularly obese people should be prudent while beginning as they have limited movement and can have respiratory bothers or cardiac arrest is also possible. They should commence with low-impact movements or jogging for at least 20-30 minutes a day. As their system and muscles get used to the exercise routine he can commence with the more strenuous exercises and do it for an hour a day.

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