Frozen Yogurt

Frozen Yogurt Frozen yogurt is a fantastic snack selection to pick over ice cream. You will save hundreds of calories when choosing this healthier snack over its calorie packed alternative. A great alternative is the sugar free, fat free frozen yogurt at TCBY. They generally have a few soft serve flavors available for you to try.

Select frozen yogurt that is fat free and lowest in sugar. Although many frozen yogurt products are fat free, make sure to watch out for the sugar content. Frozen yogurt is excellent eaten as small snacks of a cup or less.

If you are at the local shop, make sure to always claim for your yogurt in a plain cup. The calorie slayers are the sugar cones, waffle cones and any other calorie packed treat that goes along with the yogurt. Solely get your frozen yogurt in a small cup and enjoy your nice little treat without having to worry about burning off the extra 1,000 calories of toppings you slapped on it!

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