Hard Boiled Eggs

Hard Boiled Eggs Make some hard boiled eggs and have a quick high protein snack on hand at anytime! Hard boiled eggs are an excellent source of protein, simple to prepare and each one only has about 76 calories. Eggs are also very nutritious. They don't just contain fat (yolk) and protein (white). In fact, they contain a wide array of essential vitamins and minerals.


A: good for the skin and growth.
D: strengthens bones by raising calcium absorption.
E: protects cells from oxidation.
B1: helps properly release energy from carbohydrates.
B2: helps release energy from protein and fat.
B6: promotes the metabolism of protein.
B12: an essential vitamin in the formation of nerve fibers and blood cells.


Iron: essential in the creation of red blood cells.
Zinc: good for enzyme stability and essential in sexual maturation.
Calcium: most important mineral in the strengthening bones & teeth.
Iodine: controls thyroid hormones.
Selenium: like vitamin E, it protects cells from oxidation.
Not only eggs contain the highest quality source of protein available, they also possess almost every important vitamin and mineral needed by humans. Really, egg protein is of such high quality that it is used as the standard by which other proteins are compared. Eggs possess a biological value (strength with which protein is used for growth) of 93.7%. Comparable values are 84 % for milk, 76% for fish, and 74 % for beef. Eggs truly are the best protein money can buy, and it has all those other valuable vitamins and minerals too.

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