Sliced Apples

Sliced Apples Sliced apples are an interesting snack to eat anytime. Blend a little natural peanut butter and you obtain a sweet protein packed snack to fuel your body through the day.

This fantastic fruit with fiber, flavonoids, and fructose is the apple; the apple has the skill of keep us healthy. Apples are a good source of dietary fiber and vitamin C.

Note: Almost all the apple's fiber is contained in its skin, as is the majority of its quercitin. Unluckily, in conventionally grown apples, the apple skin is also the part most likely to contain pesticide residues and may have toxic residues if covered in petroleum-based waxes. When you peel an apple maybe you can lose apples' flavonoids and most of its valuable fiber, you should select organically grown apples whenever possible.

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